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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
United States


Yarrow Slaps




A Bay Area native, Yarrow grew up in the heart of San Francisco as a child of the “Mission School” aesthetic. Yarrow was reared in the midst of the SF underground culture before the bloggers and techies took over. Before the rents soared in SF and back when it was still a place for broke artists to be left alone and create. As a youth he observed the city from different angles and applied the various perspectives to his practice.

Through tense eyes and a “Coastal” sense of style you begin to read a narrative. The many that have inspired him are often delicately placed on concrete colored backgrounds. The over-sprayed foundation and murky pallet capture a feeling unique to San Francisco’s fog lit afternoons and damp evening nights. Mixing concepts of race, class, and identity, Yarrow’s paintings have a cheeky upbeat appeal even when commenting on the social climate within today’s urban environment. His process imbues a “low-tech kitchen table aesthetic” that resonates with sophistication and naiveté. Building upon pre-existing SF creative culture, Yarrow Slaps continues to evolve artistically and present work that is both authentic and relevant.