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Suzannah Sinclair & Augustus Thompson - Still Life




25 Jun 2011 to 23 Jul 2011



New Image Art is pleased to announce “Still Life” opening June 25th, 2011 featuring new paintings by New York based artist, Suzannah Sinclair, and San Francisco artist Augustus Thompson. Both artists work with new creative means of figuration.

Suzannah Sinclair pulls her inspirations from vintage nudes, Playboy magazines from the 1960s to 70s, her friends, and occasionally even herself. Her ability to render the female subject with softness and light is matched in impact by her insistence on throwing the viewer into the interiors she reproduces. Suzannah’s intricate play off the patterns and fabric backgrounds to captivate the viewer is beautifully seductive. Post-feminist voyeurism is combined with suggestive poses and an untouchable mystique that glosses over their alienation.

Augustus Thompson’s work is a cinematic rush through the back alley of a young man’s life. Thompson writes, “Whatever happens gets packed into my painting and sculpture. Black culture and rhythm. Love. Being tired and poor while being privileged and white. Interiors by Vuillard. I paint what I can’t articulate.” Although known for portraits that bleed with mortality, Thompson also experiments with abstraction when the need arises.

In the project room: “Instant Messaging” a solo project by Oakland artist Annie Vought. Vought will be showing intricately cutout paper pieces based on text messaging. A shadow is formed by the letters being set off from the wall thus giving the cutouts a sculptural and spacial quality.

Annie Vought: “In this new work I am exploring the way we communicate through text message. Hand written letters can be a very deliberate form of communication. Texting is an instant form of communication, we can respond in realtime to what ever the moment requires. But it is not often a deliberately communicated thought. We text while we are driving and talking. Texting has made it possible for us to have constant running narratives with other people about anything and nothing at all. Texting has become a way of filling space. Of being in constant contact with another person while we are alone or board. I am using real texts of my own and others and meticulously turning these communications into a hand made slow deliberate process. My recreating the texts is an extended investigation on peoples inner lives and the ways they express their thoughts through writing”.