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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
United States


Patrick Hoelck - Atop The Mountain Ignoring The View



18 Feb 2017 to 11 Mar 2017



New Image Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with photographer / filmmaker Patrick Hoelck. “Atop The Mountain Ignoring The View" features an eclectic selection of photographs highlighting Patrick’s photography practice outside his noted commercial work.

Patrick Hoelck, aside from shooting major editorial, fashion and advertising campaigns, is also known for his work outside the commercial realm. Hoelck’s personal work benefits from a close relationship with his subjects and often explores an authentic balance between the fine line of glamour and insecurity that often persist in select bi-coastal social circles. The work at times comes off as semi-autobiographical though Patrick himself is never seen in the work. An underlying element of voyeurism persists through the work providing the viewer with a sense of inclusion that might not otherwise be available. A fleeting moment in between commercial shoots, a faded memory from a post-party rendezvous, and the simple feeling of driving down Santa Monica Boulevard on a sunny summer day in LA with the windows rolled down all seem to depict a larger narrative at play. We just don’t know what that ending will be bu in the meantime, as the palms continue to sway and the sky changes from season to season, Patrick’s young subjects continue to pose and play muse for a camera that looks to depict their story. Reagrdless of the past or future we still have the present and maybe we’re just too busy reveling in the moment to pay attention to the view atop this mountain.