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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
United States


Michelle Guintu




When she was around 6 years old, Guintu asked her mom to draw something; she drew a flower. Little Michelle was mesmerized. Since then, she has been making things. When asked what kind of artist she is, Guintu jumbles her words and the conversation turns awkward. Guintu has trouble answering this question because her art spans several mediums. She plays with a little of everything. From sewing cigarettes together to McDonalds-inspired paper mache dolls, to her most recent tempera paintings of hip hop artists and other nostalgic characters from her youth, Guintu’s work is all tied together by its reference to her teenage years. Guintu’s work was once described as “kindercore” : part kindergarten part hardcore. Her work embraces the past with light-hearted reverence. She graduated with a BFA in painting in 2006. Currently she lives and works in San Francisco.