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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
United States


Judith Supine




Brooklyn-based Judith Supine uses a hyperactive imagination to merge images of people, pornography, and design elements into surreal sensualized dreamscapes. He describes his materials as free to cheap including X-Acto knifes, glue sticks, low-cost paint, thrown-out books, and discarded magazines sourced from the trash, the public library, the dentist’s office, and bankrupt porn shops. Figures with disproportionate features are created, revealing a developed technique and distinct style, both gritty and sophisticated. Supine is widely recognized for his art in the streets both for the pieces themselves and their exceptional placement. In the past he’s gone to great lengths to display his work in some of the most creative and death-defying urban locations, whether the middle of New York’s East River or suspended from the Williamsburg Bridge.