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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
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Group Show - Tonight We Fight




22 Jun 2013 to 20 Jul 2013



New Image Art is pleased to present, “Tonight, We Fight!” a group show curated by Luke Pelletier, featuring Ben Jensen, Dillon Froelich, Eric McHenry, John Malta, Luke Pelletier, Michael Hsiung, Mildred, Miles Jackson, Nathan Brown, Pacolli, Sean Morria, Teddy Kelly and Yarrow Slaps, opening Saturday, June 22, 7pm-10pm. A group art exhibition that explores the conflicts, compromises, shared opportunities, collaborations, and joint efforts, or lack there of, involved in working, alongside others, towards a common goal.

There will be a limited edition zine at the opening that includes work from all of the artists (available while supplies lasts).


John Malta: John F. Malta was born in East Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives and works in New York City. John is a recipient of the 2012 Xeric Grant and has drawn pictures for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Vice Magazine, Lands’ End Canvas, Blood is the New Black, Florida’s Dying Records, and The Stranger. His comics are published by Space Face Books and he has exhibited his work in Taiwan, Australia, Vancouver, New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, and widely across the Midwest.

Michael Hsiung: Born in Chinatown, Los Angeles, Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black-and-white drawings that often feature a range of “strangely rotund characters from fantastical creatures, such as centaurs and mermen to somewhat contemporary and/or old fashion bearded males” often celebrating, imbibing, and rebel-rousing.” His illustrations and artwork have featured in Dr. Martens, Dwindle / Enjoi Skateboards, Momentum Wheels, Matix, Ambiguous Clothing, Oxford American Magazine, Grove made, Scout Books, VICE magazine, Amigos Skateboards, and OJ Wheels.

Sean Morris: Sean Morris is an Australian artist who is currently based everywhere. His drawings shift between curious studies of outsider living and colorful monuments to low-culture. Recent months have seen him drifting across the planet, curating group exhibitions in London and Perth, and holding solo shows in Melbourne and Madrid.

Mildred: Mildred (David William) originally from Michigan, currently resides in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys using a wide array of mediums ranging from crayons, pencils, to inks and acrylics and spraypaint. Mildred’s artwork is whimsical childlike with a touch of the dark side. Just a touch. When not working on artwork Mildred is most likely making music or playing Super Nintendo. It keeps him young.

Pacolli: Pacolli is a San Francisco based artist, born in the babylon city of Sao Paulo (Brazil). She paints the chaos that surrounds the human existence and the struggle of everyday life, with a sarcastic and fun point of view with lots of layers and colors.

Nathan Brown: Nathan Alexis Brown is a young Canadian artist born and raised in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. He is currently in the process of taking up residence in New York City: No-Valleys. In his work crusty punks and neoclassical sculpture collide in narrative allegories examining the overwhelming confusion of modern life.

Teddy Kelly: Teddy Kelly is an artist and illustrator whose life and designs are the product of converging cultural influences.

Luke Pelletier: The driving forces behind Luke Pelletier’s work are his ideals and desires. His art is filled with dark humor and scenes of paradise that are simultaneously pristine and decaying. Through print editions and multiplicity, his work utilizes repetition to create a seemingly never-ending output of imagery. The work weaves through personal anecdotes, ambitions, and future plans. By omitting information and blurring the intersections of separate ideas, He creates fragmented and scattered statements that can be rearranged to create different meanings.

Dillon Froelich: Dillon Froelich’s artwork draws many influences from antique culture and vintage aesthetics while taking in to consideration their contemporary and futuristic parallels. Whether fictional or based on real events, Dillon tends to emphasize the dinginess in humanity through illustrations, narratives and murals while incorporating historical pretenses such as colonialism, surreal occupations, personal nostalgia and global customs in a satirical manner.

Ben Jensen: Most people already know Ben Jensen as some guy they’ve never even heard of. But did you know he’s also a successful artist? Well he isn’t.

Eric McHenry: Eric McHenry is a illustrator. A North Carolina native and Los Angeles transplant who is just painting whatever he wants.

Miles Jackson: Drawing on a wide range of source material, from the adventures of Tin Tin to Goya etchings, to Japanese woodblock prints, Miles Jackson’s illustrations are built on an invented visual language of dense pattern used to construct rhythmic compositions. The works labor-oriented subject matter parallels its structured creation process which Miles finds beautifully meditative and also painstaking as shit.

Yarrow Slaps: Yarrow Slaps made a series of work that plays off deception, truths, pop culture, ambition and struggle. “Things that make life hard and things that help us along as we get through the blocks.”