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Group Show - 3 Cowboys 2 Drugs & A Skater




05 Jan 2013 to 02 Feb 2013



On Saturday, January 5, 2013, New Image Art is pleased to present “3 Cowboys, 2 Drugs and A Skater” a group show with participating artists, Christopher Cascio, Bryson Brooks and Holly Hein Brooks, Marc Cross, Chad Muska and Panda Sex.  Bring together three energetic groups of different American youth culture; Western cowboys, The Drugs Crew and Skate.

About the artists:

Christopher Cascio (Cowboy) works with themes of obsession, compulsion and collection, primarily through collage.  He makes no secret of his history with mind-altering substances, and he clearly has a propensity for hoarding.  Combine these tendencies with an intense creative impulse and you’ve got a uniquely twisted art form – collages that tell a very personal story of habitual consumption and compulsive collecting.  Cascio seeks out images that directly relate to his own experiences then prints, cuts and organizes them into categorical compositions; the remnants of these cuttings meticulously saved for futures unknown.  The artist’s youthful passions provide a source for his work, the evidence of which is carefully collected, aestheticized and exposed for our viewing pleasure.

Bryson Brooks and Holly Hein Brooks (Cowboy + Cowgirl) are a married artist duo that live and work in Texas. Their collaborative works focus on western themes: cowboys, horses, easy riders, motorcycles, iconic stars, and figurative abstractions. Their works include 24-karat gold leaf as one of their mediums; glitzy explores a variety of gestural westerns. Holly and Bryson also do performances and Bryson is in a band.

Marc Cross (Drugs Crew), originally from San Francisco and currently lives in New York. He dropped out of the San Francisco Art Institute and takes pictures occasionally. Cross is exhibiting woven blankets made from photos he took of homeless people sleeping on the streets of New York City. Panda Sex along with Marc Cross is a member of the Drugs Crew.

Panda Sex’s (Drugs Crew) artwork is based on graffiti inspired stylized cartoon imagery. His Work has is similar to his street graffiti and expresses his zany humor. The work also resembles video game characters happy and all lit up.

Chad Muska (Skater) recalls art being a monumental part of his life for as long as he can remember. From his graffiti and sketchbook days as a teenager, Muska was introduced to graphic, logo, shoe and apparel design during his rise to fame as a professional skateboarder. After tearing his ACL, art quickly started to rival skateboarding as a personal outlet, until it became an obsession. The artist’s inspirations are purely instinctual, proclaiming insightful messages of overcoming obstacles.