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7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Central LA, CA, 90046
United States


Frohawk Two Feathers - That Aint Gold, That's A Soul




24 Sep 2016 to 15 Oct 2016



“That Ain’t Gold.  That’s A Soul” is a title taken from “Watch and Learn”, a song by Brooklyn rapper Cavalier.  In this installment of my ongoing narrative, “The History of Frengland” (1680-1880), I’m focusing on the Spanish colonial “Mission System” in the area known today as Los Angeles.  Some minor narratives run concurrent with the main narrative involving the disease, violence, and repression that the Spanish colonial government inflicted upon the indigenous polities of Upper California.  These include, my retelling, and revision of the end of the Lewis and Clark expedition, mercenary activity to weaken Spanish colonial power, and an alternative narrative on the pluralism in regards to race, class, and gender.  Indigenous and Judeo-Christian philosophy dovetail as the belligerents seek to find justification for their actions and solace in their convictions.  The lands burn as they are nourished by blood and tears.urther pursuit of his creative endeavors. His first solo exhibition with New Image Art was shown shortly thereafter with much success and interest. Since that showing, Luke has been traveling, painting mural, making music, working on graphics, blacksmithing, taking photographs, and generally weaving through different mediums with ease.